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Project Clear Out continues.......

Since we've designated February "Project Clear Out" month, we have another DIY dream for our customers.
Today we have some vintage 50's retail display shelving, (and yes, that is sections of the vintage bowling seating you see next to it..)

9 shelves to be exact, finished in a fabulous industrial teal green metallic powdercoat with deco style brass railing around the front and sides. These shelves were originally purchased at the famous King Sol's on Queen West, and were originally meant to hang on an angle for product display. They're 13" deep by 47" long and are in great shape considering their age (the photos show a lot of dust but that's easily taken care of).
$10 each or $75 for the lot. Pick up only, but don't worry, they're not heavy.
These would look fabulous in a kitchen reno to hold your vintage Fireking or Fiestaware, or a groovy loft space to hold your art glass or retro tin toy collection. Or you could use the railing to recreate that famous scene from the movie Titanic with your Jack & Rose Barbie dolls...that's your business!
You may ask why we aren't using these in the store, and while we do love them, we'd rather pass the project onto you.
Come by the store and have a look, and don't forget to ask about what other "projects" we have for sale.
See you at the store!

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