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If this desk could talk...

Last night, after closing the store, we went to assemble this desk in it’s new home.

Well, not this exact desk, but one exactly like it. We originally posted about it back in March (see Atomic Desk post). This boomerang shaped Peter Lovig designed Danish teak desk had been in our personal collection for years. In fact, my husband, Dave LeBlanc, wrote many a column on modernist architecture and heritage preservation for the Globe and Mail at this very desk. Here it is, in his office at our old house.

Back in January, when we moved from our 60‘s suburban backsplit to our downtown condo, we had hoped it would work in the new office area, but it was just too big. So into the store it came, where it languished, unassembled and in pieces, in the basement until we had room for it on the store floor. Finally, a few weeks ago, we had room to set it up, so my patient husband assembled it, like he had done many times before, and once it was all set up, it didn’t take long to get lots of notice.

And on Tuesday of this week, it sold!. Once Dave had disassembled it for the last time, it was picked up by movers and delivered to it’s new home, and last night we went to assemble it, as Dave knows this desk inside and out, and he wanted to make sure it was done properly to ensure the customer was happy. It now sits in the reception area of Primevista Television, the production company behind award winning lifestyle and interior design programming such as Sarah’s House, Sarah 101, Design Inc and Room Service. Who knew Sarah Richardson liked Danish Modern?

So, like many of the heritage buildings my husband writes about, the same can be said for the furniture in my store. Every piece has a story.

UPDATE: Desk has sold!

For more stories, drop by Ethel and see for yourself.

See you at the store!


Vintage clothing from Ethel!

Ethel loves vintage style for your home, and now you can have vintage style for your closet too! Join vintage clothing buyer and stylist, Shannon Davies, in the Ethel retail event space (located in the back of the shop) and she’ll share her fashion secrets!

Hint: life is too short for beige..and one can never have enough bracelets!

We'll be selling 50’s, 60,s 70’s vintage clothing for all occasions, along with vintage accessories, jewellery, and vintage baby clothing.

August 6th to 14th.

Cash only

See you at the store!


Ethel's fans!

We absolutely love it when we get compliments on the store. After all, what gal doesn't love a good compliment? We especially love it when we get customers who tell us they've posted about the store on their blog, or read something nice about us on another blog that prompted them to come down to Leslieville to check us out in person!
Today, we had a couple in, who are currently living in Toronto, but originally hail from Atlanta, Georgia. Great accents, and great taste too, as they left with a bagful of goodies! Before they left, the gal gave me her card and said she's posted about the store on her blog. So big shout out to Jamie R Kern and her adorable blog, that's now been added to our blogroll on the right.
Spread the positivity people and it will come back to you!
See you at the store!


Wedding Bells

Summer is the time for weddings. We even have one coming up here in the store! Jordana Leventhal, our new interior design partner is walking down the aisle next Sunday and we couldn't be more excited for her!

If you're headed to a wedding this year, why not forgo the typical "on sale at the Bay" crystal dish wedding gift and give the bride and groom something unique that they'll actually use!

How about a set of vintage 40's melmac for their patio? Cheerful AND pratical!
Melmac pieces priced individually
UPDATE: MOST of the Melmac has sold, only a few cups 'n saucers left

If the happy couple's entertaining style is more of the libation kind, this gorgeous set of 8 dot highball glasses would be sure to add sparkle to their newlywed cocktail parties.
Dot glasses & carrier - $55 for set
UPDATE: Dot glasses & carrier have sold!

Maybe the happy couple can't afford an exotic honeymoon, but with this vintage "Women of the Ndebele" Tretchikoff print, they can feel like they've been to Africa!
Tretchikoff print in original frame - $75

This mint condition 70's era fondue set from Eatons has never been used and comes with everything the newlyweds need for a swingin' 70's style fondue party. All they need to add is the shag carpet and Mantovani on the hifi. The purple, green, yellow and red plates have matching fondue forks and will liven up any awkward dinner party.
Fondue set - $65
UPDATE: Fondue set has sold! (and being given as a wedding gift too!)

If fondue isn't their style, we have lots of fun and funky dishes for more conventional dinner parties, or even for lunch when the new mother-in-law makes an unexpected visit!
Ben Seibel Iroquois plates in Lazy Daisy pattern - $10 each.
UPDATE: Ben Seibel plates have sold!

If the happy couple really are looking for a crystal candy dish, why don't you give them one with a little more colour?
Italian art glass dish - $35
This little pink darling will work in any young bride's boudoir, and there's lots more in different colours available in the store.
UPDATE: Pink Italian art glass dish has sold!

So before you cave and give cash, think about giving some colour!

See you at the store!


Cocktail time!

We REALLY need to stop buying vintage barware for the store. Everyone's going to think Ethel is becoming an alcoholic!

Although, it is almost the cocktail hour....

See you at the store!


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ethel loves old movies and has a soft spot for Sergio Leone, the king of the Spaghetti Westerns. So imagine how happy she was when we found this sofa and chair set, straight from circa 1960’s Italy!

The cushions are reversible so you have basic brown tweed, or manly man plaid.

We think Clint would approve.

Sofa is $495, chair is $295.

UPDATE: Chair & sofa have sold!

From the same house came a set of three matching solid wood coffee tables. Made in Elmira, Ontario from 1959, we’re guessing this trio has seen it’s share of cocktail parties. Each table is in great shape, with some surface wear, (some worse than others.).

The tall square table has a small spot of veneer damage, seen here.

Tall table is $175.

The low round table has the same elegant legs as the square tables and is just shy of 36" in diameter.
It has some marring on the surface finish, which would disappear if you were to strip and refinish it.

Round table is $175

UPDATE: Round table has sold!

The low square table has the same elegant legs as it's brothers, seen above.
However, it seemed to have fared worse over the years, with some gouges in the corner.

Low table is $75.

UPDATE: Low table has sold!

To complete the Italian Stallion look, how about this pair of horses?

Horse art is $175

A label on the back proudly declares it is a "Turner Wall Accessory" , which could explain why we were told this same art was used on the set of I dream of Jeannie.

If you love the orange but you're not a horse person, how about this small resin coated abstract?

Orange abstract is $75.
UPDATE: Art has sold!

Small enough for table top, it can add a pop of colour anywhere.

If cats are more your speed, how about this pair of stylish felines?

Similar to Witco, this pair of elegant wooden kitties are mounted to a burlap backing and are framed in a simple wooden frame. Meow!

$95 for the pair.

UPDATE: Kitty cat art has sold!

So If you’re looking for something good, something bad or even something ugly, we’re sure Ethel can help you out!

See you at the store!



Just got this delicious orange/mustard 50's sofa in.

Original upholstery with a lovely 3 button detail on each side. Very Dick Van Dyke!

It's priced at $595.
UPDATE: Sofa has sold!

We're also unpacking a whole load of gorgeous vintage ceramics, dishes, art glass, pottery, art and lighting and we'll post pictures as soon as it's ready. But for a sneak peek, come by the store!

See you at the store!


Bowling for drinks!

Whats the only sport you can play while having a cocktail? No, not darts... we’re talking about BOWLING!!! Which is why there’s so much vintage bowling themed drinkware out there.

Fun bowling facts:

  • 5 pin bowling was invented in Canada and is also known as “duck pin” bowling
  • we had our wedding reception at a bowling alley
  • The above fact does not in any way indicate that we are good bowlers

We do, however love to bowl and we love cocktails, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Check out this set of four “roly poly” bowling glasses. Perfect for a Big Lebowski White Russian!

Set of four roly polys in carrier for $24

UPDATE: roly poly set has sold!

This set of four Collins glasses would work for beer or highballs. It all depends on how well you’re bowling that night!

Set of four Collins glasses for $20

UPDATE: Collins glasses have sold!

If you prefer 5 pin, then there’s this pair of highball glasses for $6 each

This is not a real bowling ball, but a cocktail set holder. No shot glasses included as we think they were smashed in a fit of anger over a bad bowling score!

Yours for $15

If you need to sober up after too many beers during the game, how about this pair of stemmed pyrex 5 pin theme coffee mugs?

Mugs are $12 each, ashtray is $28

Check out these vintage bowling trophies. Switch out the nameplate and your friends will think you’re a pro!

Trophy prices vary

So even if you’re a terrible bowler, you can drink like one!

See you at the store!


Ethel has Pride!

Ethel's favourite colour is turquoise, but she loves all the colours of the rainbow! So we're celebrating Pride Week by doing just that. Embracing diversity, colour and our friends in the LGBT community, and of course, good design.

We're not sure how our new mayor feels about all of this, but he's invited down to Ethel to discuss. He could learn a thing or two about good design anyway!

Maybe he'll learn to have pride in the entire city, not just the part he lives in.

See you at the store!