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Mobiles - not just for babies anymore!

When decorating your space, don't just think of furniture on the floor, paint and art on the walls and West German vases on the teak credenza,...look up and use your ceiling. Hang a mobile over your favourite lounge chair, over the baby's crib, or in front of a window to catch the breeze.
These abstract works of art are inspired by Calder, and range from $95 to $125.

We have a few more in stock, so come by the store and check them out.
See you at the store!


The Danish Invasion

If you read our last post, you'll know that we were getting a whole houseful of vintage teak. It arrived Thursday and it is all even better than we remembered it!
This furniture all came from one house, was imported from Denmark by the homeowners, and is all in mint condition.

This lovely oval dining table and six chairs comes with two leaves that extend the table to over 8' long, and would be perfect for those big dinner parties. Danish teak dining chairs are some of the most comfortable ones we've ever sat in, so that dinner party will last for hours, unless you kick your guests out! The set is priced at $1795 and is a steal at that.
UPDATE: dining table and chairs have sold

This sideboard has those great TV screen shaped doors, and is priced at $1200. In fact, if you don't want to use it to store dinnerware, you can use it to put your flatscreen on!
UPDATE: sideboard has sold

There are four of these barstools available, and are priced at $250 each. Saddle up to the bar and have a drink!
UPDATE: all four barstools have sold

These teak cubes would be perfect in your seventies style bachelor pad. There's two available and they're priced at $125 each.

This monster of a sofa is almost eight feet long and has a solid teak frame. The cushions need some work, but is in otherwise great condition. It's priced at $850.

This solid as heck coffee table and end table have a great coordinating tile inlay and are priced at $595 and $350 respectively. While they are not as dainty as some teak coffee tables, these bad boys make a statement and won't wobble if you put your feet up while watching that 007 movie marathon.

This glass topped teak base coffee table is priced at $450. The base is reminiscent of Vladimer Kagan and the smoked glass top is very chic.

This bookshelf has a smoked glass top shelf, and would look great with the smoked glass coffee table. Perfect as a bookshelf, hall table or sofa table, it's priced at $495.
UPDATE: bookshelf has sold
You don't normally see this much teak from one house, and there's even more than this, including a few more coffee tables, end tables and lamps, so come over to Ethel's and we'll have a teak party!
See you at the store!



Things are always changing here at Ethel. Customers will come in asking if we have a certain piece, and if not, when we might be getting one in. Our answer is usually something along the lines of "you never know with vintage", as you really never do know. We could be looking for a dining set for weeks, or have a dry spell on coffee tables and all of a sudden, we get three of each in. We're always looking for new and exciting furniture to bring in and hopefully, it will be what our customers are looking for. This week we have the motherlode. If all goes well, by Friday morning, the store will have many new (meaning vintage, but new to Ethel) Danish teak pieces in, including a dining table with two leaves and six chairs, a sofa with black vinyl upholstery, a credenza, a low bookshelf with smoked glass shelves, square and round end tables, coffee tables and a few teak lamps. All of this has come from one house, who's owner was a Danish teak importer in the 60's & 70's and who owned a chain of teak stores in Toronto. Every piece is in mint or near mint condition and has all been lovingly cared for. We can't wait to get it all in and share it with our customers. As soon as it is in the store and we have it all organized, we'll post some pictures, but for now, we're just trying to figure out where it will all go! If you're around on Thursday, drop by to get the first peek and first pick of everything!
See you at the store!
p.s. can you guess what flag this is?


Mod Love for Valentine's day

We here at Ethel LOVE Valentine's day. Afterall, Ethel herself is a single gal, and loves to celebrate February 14th with some bon bons, a glass of red wine and her favourite classic romantic comedies. The Thin Man movies with Nick and Nora are her favourite, but she has a soft spot for anything with Clark Gable and Carol Lombard.
Since Valentine's day is on Sunday, we had our Mod Love window all set up, but the last minute arrival of this gorgeous daybed changed our plans.

This daybed has been completely reupholstered by Lisa Jo at Princess Perfect www.princessperfect.ca and has a removable back to make a simple single bed for your overnight guests. Priced at $995 it would complete your single gal bachelor pad. Very Mary Tyler Moore!
UPDATE: daybed has sold
If you don't need an extra bed, then try one of the new cheeky Valentine's day cards from Whigby.

Ethel has a few in stock and they're guaranteed to make you and your loved one laugh...all the way to the bedroom!

If you're into games, we have a few vintage boardgames in stock that are perfect for V-day. The Newlywed Game, The Dating Game and Love is a Winner (a romantic version of Twister) are all available for you to take home and share with your partner.
Remember, its not about the chocolate, flowers and candy, it's about love.
See you at the store!


Chrome for the home

While most of our customers and clients have a hankering for Danish teak, we try to mix it up a little at Ethel and look for interesting pieces to glam up your house and your life. After all, a steady diet of teak makes for a dull room, and don't we all need a little sparkle now and then?
Currently we have a few chrome pieces in the store right now, and baby are they ever glam!

Here we have a gorgeous flat sided chrome framed arm chair, in original warm grey velour upholstery. At $395, this 1970's beauty would add the perfect sparkle to a masculine space, or even a dreamy lavender boudoir.
UPDATE: Chrome & velour chair has sold

We have a pair of these chrome stools, with new burnt orange velvet upholstery. Wouldn't these would look perfect side by side next to a low slung coffee table, and would add much needed seating for your swanky cocktail parties! Priced at $195 each, you wouldn't want to break up the pair, would you?
UPDATE: Chrome stools have sold

This 1970's chrome etagere came to us without shelves, and while it would make an interesting clothes drying rack, we felt it was more important to restore it to its former glory. With the addition of 3/8" thick acrylic shelves, this piece is perfect to show off your collection of vintage smoked glass cocktailware, italian art glass, or even vintage tinker toys! It's priced at $795 and would look great with a glass topped dining table, like a Warren Platner set, or even, gasp, a danish teak dining set!
Remember, teak may be the new black, but we all need a little sparkle now and then!
See you at the store!