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Ethel's Design Diner

As we've hinted in the past, Ethel is not only a fabulous vintage furniture, lighting and accessories shop, we also offer interior design consulting too. We've been building our client base and will be posting some before and after shots of some our projects, as soon as there are "after"shots to post!
Anyway, we've been working on a Design Diner menu with our friends at Viva & Co, that will that detail the services we offer, and allow our customers to get more familiar with what we can do for them. It will be set up menu style, with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner options.
Here are the two options for the cover. We love them both but would love to hear feedback from our customers on which one they feel best embodies the "spirit of Ethel".
Option one is a classic diner style sign on a teal background.

Option two has a textured background with a more formal font style.

Which one do you like? Let us know.

Also, since the interior design side of things has ramped up, we've been looking to improve our workspace here at the store. We've been looking for a vintage cash desk that has desk work space, as well as enough storage to allow for all the design tools we need to do our job. Sure, we could design something brand new and have it built, but we like the challenge of finding something vintage and giving it a new lease on life. It's what Ethel is all about. So anyone out there has a lead on some groovy used store fixtures or even a big ole MadMen style reception desk, let us know. You'll be doing Ethel a favour and she'll repay you with good karma and a big store discount!
See you at the store!

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