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Big Red and Orange Crush

We missed posting a Friday sale last week so we have a really good one for you this time.

This pair of chrome framed red vinyl chairs have been in the store for quite a while now. One even spent some time at the hair salon next door (http://fusshairstudio.com/) as a dryer chair. The salon just renovated and so now the chair is back with it's brother. We love the Deco stylings of this pair and think they'd be perfect in an old school smoking lounge, a big masculine loft space or even as lobby chairs in a chic office. They're priced at $250 each, or $400 for the pair.
UPDATE: Red chairs have sold!

If your tastes run a bit more feminine and you don't have the room for a big pair of chairs like this, maybe you'd like this darling pair of orange case glass boudoir lamps.

This pair leans more on the ornate side but the bright orange keeps them modern. We think they're a little Sweet Charity and a little Barbarella! $65 each or $100 for the pair.
UPDATE: Orange lamps have sold!
See you at the store!


Visitor from planet Dansk

This little wooden fellow landed at Ethel a few weeks ago.
At first, we thought it might be a small sculpture by Toronto's Sorel Etrog, or perhaps a little wooden alien from the planet Dansk. Upon further inspection (and a little help from Google images!) we determined he's actually a pepper mill, designed by Jens Quistgaard for Dansk.
He's priced at $35 and would look great in your modern kitchen.
UPDATE: The pepper mill has sold!
See you at the store!


Happy Easter!

Ethel will be open Good Friday, April 22nd from 12 to 6, Saturday April 23rd from 12 to 6 and closed Easter Sunday April 24th. We'll be back to regular hours on Tuesday April 26th.
Happy Easter everyone!
Illustration by Glen Mullaly


Weird Wednesday - 70s shower time!

Ethel is not just about fabulous vintage furniture, lighting and accessories. Sometimes we get something in that doesn't quite fall into any of these categories, but is so cool/unique/unexpected that we couldn't resist it. Therefore we're starting a new feature here on the blog, and we're calling it Weird Wednesdays.
Every Wednesday we'll feature something in the store that doesn't quite fit the Ethel mold, but we thought it was fun and we hope you do too.
Today's specimen is a matching vintage 1970's shower curtain and window curtain, from Simpson-Sears Ltd in Toronto.

This set features a mod pattern called "Starburst Brown", made up of brown, black , cream and gold circles on an opaque background.

Unfortunately, there's only one shower curtain panel at 34" x 74", but this would still look cool as an accent to a plain opaque curtain underneath. The window curtain has two panels, 34" x 48" each. Neither the shower curtain or window curtain has been used and still have that lovely fresh vinyl smell!
This set would instantly update your tired chocolate brown bathroom fixtures, or give a swingin' 70's vibe to your salle de bain.
We hate to break up the set so we're pricing the pair at $25.
UPDATE: Shower curtain has sold, but window curtain is still available for $10
See you at the store!


Friday fun!

This friday we're showing off some of the new goodies we just got in, plus some lovely things that we would like to go out!
If the weather forecast for the weekend has you down (it's supposed to rain all day Saturday!), you could stay in and play boardgames. Take home this vintage Calgary Stampede Chuck Wagon races game for $20,

or this circa 1976 Careers game by Parker Brothers for $18.
Being a cowboy or a movie star is just a toss of the dice away!
UPDATE: Calgary Stampede game has sold!

If you can't wait for April showers to bring May flowers, then bring home this vintage Ingram daisy wall clock to cheer you up.
It'll brighten up your kitchen for $45, and it doesn't need watering.

If you love the clock, then you'll love this set of four 1970s Tupperware canisters in bright sunny yellow.

With the patented "burp" lid, these'll keep your flour, sugar, tea and coffee fresh!
UPDATE: Tupperware canisters have sold!

If the blues have got you blue, then you need this oversized blue glass snifter.

Perfect for a Blue Hurricane cocktail or maybe a new home for your goldfish! Cheaper than Murano glass at $35.

If you like your cocktails on the small side, then this darling little set is perfect.

Cocktails for four, so remember to share. The set is yours for $30.
UPDATE: Cocktail set has sold!

See you at the store!


Ethel on Facebook!

Even though we are a vintage furniture store, we have to keep up with the times so we finally set up Ethel's own facebook page!
If you're on facebook, check out the page for updates on stock and what's happening in Leslieville. Try the link below, or hit the widget on the right.
See you at the store!


Sapphire for sale!

We're starting something new here at Ethel today. Every Friday I'm going to post something that, while Ethel loves it, it needs to go.
Today I'm featuring this set of Sapphire dishes by Crown Lynn of New Zealand.

This set has the following:
4 cups
7 saucers
1 creamer
4 small espresso cups
4 dessert plates
5 sandwich plates
4 bowls
7 dinner plates
1 platter
While it's not a complete set, and there are a few chipped dishes, it's a steal at $20 for everything. So if you're a dish queen like Ethel, come by the store to check it out!
UPDATE: Dish set has sold!
See you at the store!


Diary of a Danish Modern Sofa

Sometimes when we find furniture for the store, it needs a lot of work before it can go on the floor for sale.
Take this three seater danish modern sofa frame.

When we first found it, it was in rough shape. The webbing was all gone and the frame was dried out and needed some repairs. After trying to fit it in our hatchback, we had to call Princess Perfect to pick it up, which saved us a step as Lisa Jo was able to do the necessary repairs in order to get it ready for cushions.
Once the repairs were done and new webbing was installed, we picked fabric for the simple box cushions that work so well with this style of frame. We went with a nice neutral army green khaki, perhaps to honour the battle this sofa frame endured before being rescued by us!
These are the cushions, waiting to go on the frame.

When the frame was delivered this afternoon, it needed to be oiled.

See the difference? This wood was thirsty! We're pretty sure it's not teak, but possibly walnut. Teak oil works on both (as well as rosewood and any tight grain hardwood). We applied the teak oil with Bulldog brand superfine steel wool, always going in the direction of the woodgrain, to ensure the oil gets forced into the grain and does its magic. For you teak owners at home, try to do this at least once a year to ensure your teak pieces live a long time and don't dry out. Remember, wood is organic and needs to be fed!

Once the frame was all oiled up and looking much better, we put the new cushions on.

Now this sofa is ready for the shop floor, and hopefully will go home with someone soon! Priced at $1295, it won't last long so come by and check it out. It's really comfortable.
See you at the store!


Spring cleaning!

It's time for spring cleaning here at Ethel, so we're reducing the price of some of the bigger pieces in the store to make room for fresh stock, some of which is already making it's way into the store.

In fact, we just took delivery of this gorgeous chrome frame Le Corbusier style sofa with all new faux leather cushions and webbing. It's a collaboration with Princess Perfect as she had the frame but needed somewhere to showcase it. We love the caramel upholstery and we think it totally modernizes this version of a 20th century classic. It's priced at $1800.
UPDATE: LeCorbusier style sofa has sold!

Of course, there can only be room for one yellow sofa at a time at Ethel.

You've all seen this mustard vinyl sofa before. It was originally priced at $595 but is now $450.

You may also know this gorgeous glass topped dining table. Originally priced at $895, we're reducing it to $600.

So jump into springtime and come out to Leslieville.
See you at the store!