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Friends of Ethel

From time to time we like to add blogs and websites to the Ethel blogroll. Ethel has a lot of friends in the design community, and she likes to share their creative stories with you. Today we added the website for Jerome Markson, one of Toronto's original Modernist architects, as well as a link to the Heritage Toronto website. Heritage doesn't always mean gingerbread trim and crown moulding, and Toronto hasn't always had the best track record for preservation of Modernism, so we hope that if you are a mid century fan, you'll give these sites a read.

We also added links to the Doll Factory website. The Doll Factory is a fabulous store here in Leslieville (just across the street from Ethel), which opened in 2006 by Toronto dress designers Damzels in this Dress. This flagship store features cocktail to day wear and everything in between, all with a cheeky retro twist. It's exactly the kind of store Ethel would shop in!

We also added links to a few of our favourite housebloggers, such as Door 16, and cool 50's lampshade company Meteor Lights as well as a link to our favourite upholsterer Princess Perfect.

So check out the links, and if you're in the neighborhood, we'll see you at the store!

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