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Ethel Design is famous!

Our design business made it into our local Metro paper this morning!
Yup, that's us. Jordana Leventhal on the left and me, Shauntelle LeBlanc, on the right.
We'll be at the International Home Show at the International Centre (near Pearson Airport) next week, from Thursday October 27th to Sunday October 30th. We'll be presenting our "Take-Out Design box" on Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm. Come visit us at booth 168 and we'll talk!
We've also added a link to the Ethel Design Inc. blog on our blogroll so you can follow our adventures in building our interior design business.
See you at the HomeShow and see you at the store!


Mid-Century doesn't just mean Mad Men

We hear the term Mid-Century Modern so often that it's easy to forget there were a lot of design styles from the mid-20th century. It's not always about Womb chairs and danish teak, you know!
One style often overlooked is Mid Century Modest (big shout out to Pam Kueber at Retro Renovation for introducing us to that term!). This refers to the more modest style of furniture that the average family lived with, usually smaller in scale to reflect the smaller houses from that period, and slightly more traditional. Not everyone lived in a post and beam ranch style in the 50's, although Hollywood would like us to think so.
We just got in this buffet and hutch pair that screams Mid Century Modest.

UPDATE: Hutch has sold! (buffet still available)
UPDATE: Buffet has sold!
Each piece is small, in comparison to the low, sleeker teak versions that were popular about a decade and a half after this set was made. However, we love the diminutive proportions of this set and think they'd be perfect in a small condo or in a typical Toronto bay and gable. Manufactured by McLagan in Meaford, Ontario, the buffet features a diamond hatch pattern on the central door and the hardware is sooo reminiscent of the late 40's. Don't you just love the Deco pulls?
Each piece is $495.

If the early 50's is too kitschy for you, then you'll love the pop of this Rosenthal tea set.

Designed in 1969 by Wolf Karnagel, the pattern is "Mondial" and the set features a teapot, sugar bowl, six teacups & saucers, a soup tureen, six double handled soup bowls & saucers and five bowls. We're not sure if June Cleaver would have such a fashion forward set in her sideboard, but we think you might!
Rosenthal Mondial tea set is $350.
UPDATE: Rosenthal set has sold!

So whether it's Modern or Modest, it's always Mid-Century.
See you at the store!


Red, Orange and Yellow aren't just fall colours!

Just got in three of these late 60's-early 70's pendants, in fiery orange, red and yellow textured acrylic. Right now they're pretty dirty and in need of a good cleaning, (and even have some dead bugs lodged in the seams and sockets), but otherwise are in fantastic shape. As soon as we have them all cleaned up and rewired, we'll post some pics. We think they'll look fabulous over a modern breakfast bar, or even in a shagadelic style rec room.
Come by and check them out.
See you at the store!
UPDATE: Pendant fixtures have sold!


Vintage Magazines for sale!

For all of you out there who collect the Atomic Ranch and Modernism magazines, we just got a few back issues in and they're for sale here at the store for $6 each. Some of the Modernisms are over 10 years old and have great pictures and articles and, of course, who doesn't love ANYTHING by Atomic Ranch?
So stop by and stock up on your back issues.
See you at the store!
UPDATE: All Atomic Ranch backissues are sold, but still some Modernisms left


Ethel Design is here!

As you know, we've been really busy around here lately. We are hard at work launching our interior design business, and of course, looking for fabulous finds to bring into the store!

We just got this vintage Coca-Cola sign, and while we usually don't do Coca-Cola memorabilia, we thought it was an excellent way to advertise our interior design services.

Our design services are based on a menu and the price depends on the size of your space.

We'll be posting about the Ethel Design Inc website as soon as it's up and running, which will have a more detailed version of the menu, along with our portfolio, but in the meantime, if you're looking for some interior design help, give us a call or drop by the store. We're your friendly neighborhood design shop and we're here to help.

See you at the store!