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Seeing Stars

Its the end of August and that can only mean one thing. No, we're not talking about back to school shopping. We're talking about the annual Toronto International Film Festival coming in a few weeks! Ethel loves TIFF, as back in the day, she was quite the socialite and hung out with all the movie stars.
Anyway, even if you can't make it to any of the movie premieres, you can at least try to get some celebrity autographs! Do it in style with one of these vintage autograph books.

Pocket sized and covered in a gorgeous satin mod print, they're priced at $12 each and are perfect for keeping those John Hancocks safe!
If you manage to get a picture with your favourite actor, then you can save your snap in this lovely photo album.

Also covered in a fabulous mod satin fabric, this album is priced at $15 and holds 3"x4" size pictures.
If you do get to hang out with any of today's young starlets, please pass on one of these.

These vintage etiquette books could teach Ms. Lohan a thing or two about being a lady and are priced between $3 and $6 each.
UPDATE: Two of the vintage etiquette books have sold!

If you don't get to meet any movie stars, then you can take home one of these vintage 70's TV show boardgames.

Priced at $20 each, you can spend the night playing with Vinnie Barbarino or the boys from Starsky and Hutch.

If today's RomComs or Frat Pack hijinks don't bring on the laughs, then maybe you need one of these.

These Murano glass clowns are $30 each or $150 for the set of 6, and their expressions are sure to make you smile.

So if you don't make it to the movies, drop by the store for film festival fun!
See you at the store!


The new Atomic Ranch is here!

Hey everyone,
The new Fall 2010 issue of Atomic Ranch just landed in the store. Featuring articles on Alvar Alto, the William Manchester house in Connecticut, and lots of other fun groovy retro stuff!
Drop by the store and pick up your copy before they're all gone. And while you're at it, we still have back issues of the Summer 2010 issue of Modernism.
See you at the store!


Making a statement...

We're all about furniture and accessories (and interior design services...coming soon!) here at Ethel, but sometimes we just have to make a statement about what's going on in our big beautiful city.

For those Ethelonians that might not be aware, Toronto has a mayoral election coming up in October and this is how we feel about the front runner. No matter how you feel about him or the other candidates, please go out and vote.
See you at the store!


Drinks by the fire...

Summer is still here, but fall is right around the corner. I know, I know, it's still almost 30 degrees outside on a daily basis, but soon we'll all be pulling out sweaters and cozying up on the Danish Modern with big blankets and hot toddies.
This set of textured amber glass goblets would be perfect for that hot toddy, or a hot buttered rum.

The large set of four is $24 and the small set of four is $22.

If you like your glassware to be a little less textured and a little more Italian, then check out this set.

Wine glasses, schnapps glasses, champagne flutes, water goblets,...it's all here. At $6 each for large and $4 each for small, you can build your own stemware set and still have money left over for the LCBO!

If you need ice for that drink, then why not use this Dansk ice bucket?

The Congo Ice Bucket was designed for Dansk by Jens Quistgaard back in 1955, and still looks modern today.
Priced at $135, it'll keep your ice cold and your bar looking deliciously Danish!
UPDATE: Dansk ice bucket has sold

Why complete this scene and put some Burt Bacharach on the turntable and Chex snack mix in one of these!

Priced at $8 each, these kitschy record bowls are a perfect snack server for your intimate evening by the fire. Just don't get them too close to the flames as they may melt even more!
See you at the store!


Kitty Cone of Shame

As some of you may know, we have a store kitty. Her name is Edyth and she can usually be found lounging in a sunbeam, having a nap or in the window watching the world go by. She can be a little cranky at times, but she is usually well behaved and lets customers pet her. Anyway, she had to have surgery this week to remove a hernia (possibly sustained when she was spayed, before she became our store kitty) so she's sporting the cone of shame and is feeling more than a little cranky. Right now she's sleeping in the credenza behind the cash desk.

We're all hoping she feels better soon and is back to taking naps in the window, and shedding all over the Danish Modern in no time.
See you at the store!


Danish Dining!

Just got in this set of four teak dining chairs with rope seats. Reminiscent of the #77 model Niels Moller dining chairs, these are a steal at $95 each or $350 for the set. Style and Savings!
See you at the store!
UPDATE: The dining chairs have sold!


Pass the mustard...

Whenever we get these sectional sofa sets in, we immediately think of mid century waiting rooms but these would be perfect in a playroom or spare room for overnight guests. Priced at $595 each or $1000 for the pair, this set is sleek and low lying with an open wood frame and a grid stitch detail on the mustard coloured vinyl upholstery. With removable back cushions to make two single daybeds and practical vinyl upholstery, these would be perfect for your Brady Bunch rec room.
UPDATE: Both daybed sofas have sold!

We also got in some mustard coloured ceramic lamps.

This vintage 60's lamp features a textured ceramic base with harvest gold details and the original fabric shade. This one is priced at $250 and definitely comes from the land of the GIANT LAMPS!!!!
UPDATE: Lamp has sold!

This lamp is a bit more slim and stylish and the stripes give it style. Also with it's original shade, it's priced at $195.

This pair of blue vinyl lounge chairs would also be perfect in the Brady Bunch lounge, but would the blue go with the mustard? They're priced at $95 each or $175 for the pair.
UPDATE: Blue chairs have sold!

So if you're planning a party, make some hotdogs and get out the mustard and make it a 70's style party!
See you at the store!