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Friends of Ethel

From time to time we like to add blogs and websites to the Ethel blogroll. Ethel has a lot of friends in the design community, and she likes to share their creative stories with you. Today we added the website for Jerome Markson, one of Toronto's original Modernist architects, as well as a link to the Heritage Toronto website. Heritage doesn't always mean gingerbread trim and crown moulding, and Toronto hasn't always had the best track record for preservation of Modernism, so we hope that if you are a mid century fan, you'll give these sites a read.

We also added links to the Doll Factory website. The Doll Factory is a fabulous store here in Leslieville (just across the street from Ethel), which opened in 2006 by Toronto dress designers Damzels in this Dress. This flagship store features cocktail to day wear and everything in between, all with a cheeky retro twist. It's exactly the kind of store Ethel would shop in!

We also added links to a few of our favourite housebloggers, such as Door 16, and cool 50's lampshade company Meteor Lights as well as a link to our favourite upholsterer Princess Perfect.

So check out the links, and if you're in the neighborhood, we'll see you at the store!


Ethel's Design Diner

As we've hinted in the past, Ethel is not only a fabulous vintage furniture, lighting and accessories shop, we also offer interior design consulting too. We've been building our client base and will be posting some before and after shots of some our projects, as soon as there are "after"shots to post!
Anyway, we've been working on a Design Diner menu with our friends at Viva & Co, that will that detail the services we offer, and allow our customers to get more familiar with what we can do for them. It will be set up menu style, with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner options.
Here are the two options for the cover. We love them both but would love to hear feedback from our customers on which one they feel best embodies the "spirit of Ethel".
Option one is a classic diner style sign on a teal background.

Option two has a textured background with a more formal font style.

Which one do you like? Let us know.

Also, since the interior design side of things has ramped up, we've been looking to improve our workspace here at the store. We've been looking for a vintage cash desk that has desk work space, as well as enough storage to allow for all the design tools we need to do our job. Sure, we could design something brand new and have it built, but we like the challenge of finding something vintage and giving it a new lease on life. It's what Ethel is all about. So anyone out there has a lead on some groovy used store fixtures or even a big ole MadMen style reception desk, let us know. You'll be doing Ethel a favour and she'll repay you with good karma and a big store discount!
See you at the store!


Project Clear Out continues.......

Since we've designated February "Project Clear Out" month, we have another DIY dream for our customers.
Today we have some vintage 50's retail display shelving, (and yes, that is sections of the vintage bowling seating you see next to it..)

9 shelves to be exact, finished in a fabulous industrial teal green metallic powdercoat with deco style brass railing around the front and sides. These shelves were originally purchased at the famous King Sol's on Queen West, and were originally meant to hang on an angle for product display. They're 13" deep by 47" long and are in great shape considering their age (the photos show a lot of dust but that's easily taken care of).
$10 each or $75 for the lot. Pick up only, but don't worry, they're not heavy.
These would look fabulous in a kitchen reno to hold your vintage Fireking or Fiestaware, or a groovy loft space to hold your art glass or retro tin toy collection. Or you could use the railing to recreate that famous scene from the movie Titanic with your Jack & Rose Barbie dolls...that's your business!
You may ask why we aren't using these in the store, and while we do love them, we'd rather pass the project onto you.
Come by the store and have a look, and don't forget to ask about what other "projects" we have for sale.
See you at the store!



Continuing with our February Project Clean-out theme, we have another fabulous deal for sale for our DIY savvy customers.
Today we have some vintage bowling alley seating.

In the classic two toned turquoise and white heavy duty fiberglass, this bowling seating would be perfect for your front hall, backyard patio or basement bowling alley.
There's six sections altogether, three in white and three in turquoise. Three are bolted together with legs making a three seater bench, two more sections are bolted together with a central leg, and a single white seat is on it's own. On the end of the three seater, there's a Brunswick Bowling embossed nameplate, so you know this is legit!

Right now we have the loose seats propped up with spare chair bases, but with a few nuts and bolts you could put together a 6 seater bench, or keep the three seater bench and make a tree swing out the rest! It's up to you.

This set is vintage so there is some wear on the fiberglass but keep in mind, there's been a lot of bowlers butts on these seats so they've held up remarkably well. Also, we think some of it was used outside, hence the corrosion on one set of the legs and the staining on some of the seats.
The entire set is priced at $250.
UPDATE: Bowling seating has sold!
We also have a selection of vintage bowling trophies to impress your friends, and bowling themed cocktailware for the after-bowling get together.
Come by the store and check it out.
See you at the store!


DIY Project of the day

As promised, we're going to be posting a few "projects" for sale every week. These are things that we've bought for the store and then realized they need a little more work than we have the time or resources for. In other words, DIY deals for our customers!
Today we have a set of four kitschy 50's chrome dinette chairs.

Well, at least there's seats and backs for four chairs but only two chairs with the chrome frames.
Isn't the vintage vinyl with the metallic fleck spectacular? It's so kitschy, we almost wish Ethel had a diner that we could use these in!
Anyway, the chrome frame is not an uncommon frame style so finding frames with less than stellar upholstery to switch out should be no problem.
One of the loose backs has some damage, but this would be covered by the back supports of the frame, once you've found one.

The entire set (two complete chairs and seats and backs for two more) is priced at $200 and would be perfect for your kitschy kitchen!
UPDATE: Chair set has sold!
Stay tuned for more projects.
See you at the store!


More projects on the way!

We've had such good response to our Project sale, that we'll be posting a few more items later today. Remember, sweat equity isn't just for your house!
See you at the store!