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Continuing with our February Project Clean-out theme, we have another fabulous deal for sale for our DIY savvy customers.
Today we have some vintage bowling alley seating.

In the classic two toned turquoise and white heavy duty fiberglass, this bowling seating would be perfect for your front hall, backyard patio or basement bowling alley.
There's six sections altogether, three in white and three in turquoise. Three are bolted together with legs making a three seater bench, two more sections are bolted together with a central leg, and a single white seat is on it's own. On the end of the three seater, there's a Brunswick Bowling embossed nameplate, so you know this is legit!

Right now we have the loose seats propped up with spare chair bases, but with a few nuts and bolts you could put together a 6 seater bench, or keep the three seater bench and make a tree swing out the rest! It's up to you.

This set is vintage so there is some wear on the fiberglass but keep in mind, there's been a lot of bowlers butts on these seats so they've held up remarkably well. Also, we think some of it was used outside, hence the corrosion on one set of the legs and the staining on some of the seats.
The entire set is priced at $250.
UPDATE: Bowling seating has sold!
We also have a selection of vintage bowling trophies to impress your friends, and bowling themed cocktailware for the after-bowling get together.
Come by the store and check it out.
See you at the store!

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