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DIY Project of the day

As promised, we're going to be posting a few "projects" for sale every week. These are things that we've bought for the store and then realized they need a little more work than we have the time or resources for. In other words, DIY deals for our customers!
Today we have a set of four kitschy 50's chrome dinette chairs.

Well, at least there's seats and backs for four chairs but only two chairs with the chrome frames.
Isn't the vintage vinyl with the metallic fleck spectacular? It's so kitschy, we almost wish Ethel had a diner that we could use these in!
Anyway, the chrome frame is not an uncommon frame style so finding frames with less than stellar upholstery to switch out should be no problem.
One of the loose backs has some damage, but this would be covered by the back supports of the frame, once you've found one.

The entire set (two complete chairs and seats and backs for two more) is priced at $200 and would be perfect for your kitschy kitchen!
UPDATE: Chair set has sold!
Stay tuned for more projects.
See you at the store!

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