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The Purple People Eater that ate Don Mills

Well, the big purple people eater made it into the store today, and thankfully my interior design instincts were correct and not only is it a gorgeous sectional, but it fits beautifully in the space I cleared for it. Unfortunately, my CF card was not behaving in the digital camera so I can't show you a picture of it in the store. Instead, here's a shot of it in the homeowner's house, whom I bought it from.
It's a four piece sectional, upholstered in a lovely maroon/eggplant colour wool, with the classic 50's tapered wood legs. The skirt obscures the legs, but one could pin that up underneath the sofa sections for a more "jetsons" look.
A little history behind this beauty. Its from the home of Angus McClaskey, the second president of Don Mills Developments Incorporated, the company that was in charge of building Don Mills, one of Canada's most modern neighborhoods. For the history of Don Mills, you can read the Wikipedia link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Mills, or you can download the podcast walking tour from the Heritage Toronto website, http://www.heritagetoronto.org/, that my husband, Dave LeBlanc of the Globe and Mail, is working on. It should be uploaded to the Heritage Toronto site by the spring, just in time for a nice walking tour.
Anyway, this sectional is priced at $1500, and would be perfect for that California style ranch house in the suburbs, or that loft with ALOT of floorspace to fill.
See you at the store!

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