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Out with the old, in with the new

This Thursday, we are getting a new addition at Ethel. No, we haven't hired a new employee, or adopted another store pet (we're currently at one dog, Creemore, and one cat, Edyth). We are getting in a lovely 50's sectional sofa in on Thursday, and since the floorspace is limited (the sectional is a whopping 10' long on one side, 8' long on the other), we'd like to make some room for it.
Therefore, we are continuing our boxing day sale this week, in order to clear some space.

These red deco chairs are still on sale for $300 each (here's a better picture so you can fully appreciate their chrome snazziness). Don't these two look like they belong in a swank smoking room or model agency lobby? The legs alone would make any supermodel jealous!
UPDATE: One chair has sold, one is left

Also, this groovy 70's era daybed sofa has been marked down from $1200 to $900. We call this one the Movie Producer Casting Couch, and one can only imagine what kind of illegal substances were trapped in the seams of this sexy beast back in the day.

On a style note, it's been reported at Apartment Therapy (and other worthy design sources) that the big colour for 2010 is turquoise. This is not news to Ethel, as turquoise has always been her favourite colour. If you're not sure if you want to commit to a new paint scheme, why not pick up some vintage turquoise accessories, like one of these lovely ceramic vases?

You should all recognize the dark blue and turquoise of Canadian Blue Mountain pottery (the ginger jar at the back) and the other two pieces are West German. Don't they all look darling together?
See you at the store!

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