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Confessions of a dish queen

We here at Ethel have always loved vintage dishes. In fact, Ethel will sometimes call herself a "dish queen", while sipping a cup of darjeeling from one of her many mid century tea sets, and I know she prefers the jaunty shapes and playful patterns of vintage dishes over the plain white ones on offer at most retailers today.
We're always on the lookout for dishes to bring into the store, as nothing looks better on a danish teak dining table than a set of colourful period dishes.
This week we have a set of Midwinter Stylecraft in the Cassandra pattern and Fashion shape. These are from Staffordshire England, and date from 1960. This set is incomplete, but has enough pieces to make it a great starter set, and we'll continue to add pieces to it as they come in.

The set consists of dinner plates, bread plates, side plates, soup bowls, cereal bowls, platters, serving dishes, a lovely covered vegetable tureen, gravy boat, creamer and three cups and more saucers. The set, as is, is $275, and the individual pieces are priced individually. What a way to dress up your table!
See you at the store!

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