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Coffee and Cigarettes

Hello darlings,
Ethel here. I thought I'd give Shauntelle a break and write this post myself, as coffee and cigarettes are something I know quite a bit about. In fact, my dear friend Julie London was thinking of me when she sang her version of Black Coffee. I like to start my day with a pot of freshly brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain, served in one of my many favourite coffee mugs (no dainty teacups for me in the morning, Ethel needs her caffeine!) In fact, we have a lovely vintage coffee & tea service from Oneida in the store right now. This stainless steel set can be yours for $65.

I used to also enjoy a cigarette with my morning coffee, but as we all know, smoking is no longer fashionable (or for that matter even socially acceptable!). It's a shame because smoking accessories are so gorgeous. I think a coffee table looks naked without a jaunty ashtray, don't you?
Anyway, just because smoking is passe, we can still dress up our tables with ashtrays, even if you use them to put candies in or to hold your car keys.

Here's a lovely kidney shaped ashtray with melted Bisazza glass tiles. This Italian beauty can be yours for $15.

For those who are sports minded, here's a bowling themed Beauceware ashtray, priced at $35.

Perfect for your mancave!

This pair of yellow and brown ceramic ashtrays are just too pretty to use. From Italy, they're $22 each, but you wouldn't want to split up the pair would you?

Priced at $45 for the harlequin shaped cigar ashtray and $55 for the large circle ashtray, these two lead crystal beauties are glamorous all on their own, and would add that perfect sparkle to your coffee table or cocktail bar.

This dainty piece of Sascha Brastoff pottery looks like a prettier version of the Architectural Pottery birdfeeder, but believe it or not, it is in fact an ashtray. Who would dare to tap out their cigarette in such a lovely piece of mid-century design? It can grace your table for $65, but only if you promise not to use it!

Pictured here with a fabulous chartreuse cocktail set and red mod ice bucket, this black beauty matches with accents of red, yellow and green and, like many others on this post, hails from Italy. Boy those Italians love to smoke! It can make you feel italian for $15.
Whew, all this talk of ashtrays has me yearning to light up again, but as we've said, it's just not done anymore. Maybe I'll have a cocktail in one of those lovely chartreuse glasses instead!
Ciao for now darlings


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  2. Great collection! Would have enjoyed more if there were any silver ones. I collect silver ash trays and can boast of a bit of collection.