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Beat the winter blues with some colour

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have a store cat. Her name is Edyth, and while she is cute as a button, she's a crabby little kitty. Whenever we get a new upholstered piece in the store, I have to keep my eye on her in case she "claims" it with her claws. So far we've been able to keep her off the purple people eater, but only with some help from our handy elephant squirt bottle.
Here she is, getting some lovin' from Paul Dowsett, our resident architect.

It's quite possible she's giving HIM some lovin, in the form of a cat scratch.
Here she is, posing for the camera.

Who can blame her for being so crabby? It's winter and cold out there. That's why Ethel loves colour, as nothing beats the winter blahs than a shot of orange, (and her favourite colour, turquoise).

Here's a lovely tablescape, featuring some orange linen placemats in a crazy daisy pattern, some fun geometric coffee cups from Japan, vintage ceramic fondue plates in blood orange, and the centerpiece, a fabulous vintage fondue pot in what we like to call "silly putty blue". Why not throw a retro dinner party filled with bright colours and fun food to fight the winter blues?
See you at the store!


  1. Just wanted to say thanks - my new desk and chair are quite at home! To check out what they look like, here's a link: http://patti.henderson.wordpress.com/