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Tiki Party time!

We’re a few days into summer and it still feels like early spring around here. Or maybe October. But we have a way to beat the cool weather...throw a tiki party! Light some bamboo torches, put the Martin Denny on the hifi and get ready to get leid!

First, you’ll need a few mugs.

How about this guy?
Doesn’t he look angry? Angry because you’re not drinking!
UPDATE: Angry tiki mug has sold!

How about these colourful characters?
You’ll be seeing rainbows after having a Zombie or two out of these fellas!
UPDATE: Trio of mugs have sold!

This one even tells you what kind of drink to serve!

(All tiki mugs priced at $15 each)

You’ll need an ice bucket to keep the drinks cold
(Ice bucket priced at $25)

A cocktail shaker or two to show off your mad mixology skillz.
(Shakers priced at $16 each)

You’ll need some swizzle sticks to spear the pineapple and maraschino cherries for your newly concocted tropical drinks.
(Swizzle sticks 10 for 25 cents, coconut mugs are $12 each)
UPDATE: All 3 coconut mugs have sold!

If you want to get a little musical, how about a pair of bongo drums to pound away along with some vintage exotica records or Don Ho.
(Vintage souvineir bongo drums priced at $24)

If you have designated drivers, then you can serve them some Hawaiian punch from this vintage pineapple juice jug and cups!
(Plastic pineapple pitcher & cup set priced at $24)
UPDATE: Pitcher now being sold with set of 6 yellow pineapple cups for $30 and orange & green mugs being sold separately
UPDATE: Pineapple pitcher & 6 matching yellow pineapple cups have sold! Orange & green cups still available
UPDATE: All pineapple cups have sold!

To give your space that “exotic” atmosphere, how about a pair of vintage paint by numbers? Ooooh, scary tribal drummers!
(vintage paint by numbers are $40 each or $75 for the pair)

Or a pair of masks for that politically incorrect “jungle” vibe.
(Masks priced at $20 each)
UPDATE: Both masks have sold!

If there’s one thing to tie it all together, it's an authentic tiki bar!

This one is priced at $1500 for the bar and four stools, and is available for rentals as well.

For more tips on throwing an awesome tiki party or backyard luau, please visit the following websites, all run by friends of Ethel:

See you at the store!

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