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Ethel on Film!

Back in January, we were interviewed by Nicola Waugh, a Ryerson student who was working on her thesis project, entitled "Embodied Artifacts: Memory, Nostalgia and Mid-Century Objects". Well, Nicola is done her thesis film and she sent us a link.
This short film perfectly encapsulates why we love mid-century design, both for it's longevity and it's positivity.
Here's a link.
(again, you have to cut and paste as we still haven't figured out how to imbed video links from the web).
Check it out and let us know if you agree.
See you at the store!


  1. Very cool. I've bought a lot of stuff off of Samantha, but have never run into Chris. Any clue where he sells?.. I know this might be a conflict of interest question.. So Ill say sorry in advance.

  2. To embed Vimeo, just copy and paste the embed code, click the embed button top right as you pass the cursor over the video window and the code pops up. To embed Youtube, click the share button under the video, the embed code plus other checkable options show in a window below the video. Very simple.