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Ethel has a craving for Danish...Teak

Lovely sunny day here in Leslieville, so we decided to put a few more things out on the sidewalk to see if we could find them homes.

Here we have a pair of Danish teak dining chairs perched on a Danish teak storage cabinet, with a single teak desk chair on the right. The dining chairs are $75 each, or $100 for the pair, the storage cabinet is $100 as well, and the desk chair is $50.
UPDATE: Storage cabinet has sold!
UPDATE: Desk chair has sold!

You remember this pair!
The lovely chrome club chairs with the snappy red upholstery! Well, it's time for them to go so we've marked them down from $250 each to $150 each or $250 for the pair. They are perfect for that smoking room man cave! Between them is the Saarinen style coffee table base (in need of a top). It's priced at $75.
UPDATE: Red chairs have sold!

We also got in a really nice Danish Teak bookshelf with storage below. Priced at $395, it's perfect for your modern space.
UPDATE: Bookshelf has sold!

So if you need some Danish in your life (and not the pastry kind!) come by Ethel.

See you at the store!

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  1. I just found your site, do you have any other book shelves and storage units like the one above?