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From Bare Bulb to Groovy Time!

Do you recognize this?

It’s that basic bare bulb light fixture, most commonly found in laundry rooms, unfinished basements and in bathrooms in cheapo rental apartments.

If you have one of these and you are past the student solution of a trip to chinatown for a paper lantern to disguise it, then you may just want to jazz it up with one of these vintage 1960s spun acrylic “spaghetti” ceiling shades.

These were all the rage in basement rec rooms back in the Brady Bunch days, as you just needed to screw in a light socket mount to hold the shade into the ceiling socket, then screw in a light bulb, and presto, instant grooviness!

We have five in stock right now, two with pink swirls, two with green and one in caramel. We have four of the accompanying socket mounts, so one shade could be repurposed for a table lamp or even a vessel for a dayglo flower arrangement (that’s up to you!)

They’re priced at $45 each and will help you groove up your Blando Calrission laundry room or rec room reno. Greg Brady would approve.

See you at the store!

UPDATE: Three of the fixtures have sold...only one pink and one green one left!

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