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Storefront makeover - progress report

The west side sign is slowly getting done, and when it's finished, Ralston will do the main storefront sign. Here are some pics of the progress.

This is the two tone turquoise, slowly covering up the old two toned blue stripes.

This is the oval almost done, with the chartreuse and the woodgrain blocking. See how Ralston did faux woodgrain? Man, he's good!

The next step is the new oval frame, repainted letters and repainted silver, which is changing to a charcoal grey. We can't wait!

We also are getting very excited about our May 24 sidewalk sale. We're finding all kinds of forgotten stuff in the basement to bring outside, as well as marking down some favourites here inside the store. The big purple sectional will be 20% off as well as some of the other sofas here. We're also marking down some lighting and accessories so you can freshen up your space for spring.
See you at the store!

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