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Facelift progress!

As we keep saying, things are always changing here at Ethel. We're getting geared up for the big facelift, so if you're by the store and you see the exterior signage letters are gone, no worries. We're updating the signage so it looks like the new and improved logo. Also, we're doing a feature wall behind the cash desk and the cash desk itself is getting new facing. We're also going to be bringing in more card lines as the Whigby line is becoming very popular, so we're putting up some slatwall.
Don't worry though, we're still bringing in lots of fabulous furniture and accessories so you can give your space a facelift too.
After languishing in the basement for a few months, we decided this set of 6 Danish teak dining chairs needed a makeover so we sent them off to Princess Perfect for the full treatment.

The ugly pea green stained upholstery was replaced with this ultra glam velvet leaf pattern and the frames were all tightened and cleaned up. This set looks great around a round table and is $1500 for all six chairs.
One person here who isn't bothered at all about all the work being done, is Edie, our store cat.

As long as there's somewhere fashionable and comfy for her to stretch out on, like this gorgeous Corbusier lounger, I'm sure she'll sleep through it all.
See you at the store!

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