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Sidewalk success!

It's 4 oclock on Monday afternoon and so far, the First Annual Victoria Day Weekend Spring Cleaning Sidewalk Sale (or whatever we were calling it) has been a resounding success. Lots of big pieces have sold and we've made room for new stuff. The gorgeous teak dining chairs we had recovered in the glamorous velvet leaf pattern sold, as did the chrome framed puce coloured sofa (the one we liked to call the 70's porn movie producer casting couch). We also had lots of fun bringing stuff up from the basement and putting it outside.

Lots of wicker hoop chairs, perfect for the patio in the summer, along with some tables, etc...

Here's a shot of me, enjoying the sun.
We also have some progress on the sign! The west side is done, and now Ralston is going to start on the main sign.

Doesn't it look smashing! Hopefully he'll have the main sign done by the end of this week.
See you at the store!

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  1. Looks great...
    Didn't end up being able to get down there yesterday.. will have to drop in the next time I do the lesliville tour!..