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How much are those letters in the window?

Everything in stages. I keep telling myself that. When we first bought Ethel last year, we had big plans and thought we'd get it all done before we opened. Well it's six months later, and while we didn't get the signage re-done for the grand opening, we have accomplished a lot, and there's still more to do.
Last week we finally got the vinyl letters done for the windows. At first we were a little worried that they'd look like those "Veal sandwich for $5" graphics on all the italian take out places, but Todd Temporale of Viva & Co and Whigby made sure they looked stylish enough for Ethel's standards.

Here's a picture of Todd and my hubby Dave putting the graphics in place. The last thing we wanted was to install them all crooked and people think we were drunk when we did it.

Heres the boys starting to remove the paper backing. Be careful!

Heres the logo on the door, right at eye level.

Here's the final product. It says "Vintage Modern - Interior Design" and the website below. We've already had some design work inquiries and we think it looks smashing! The next step is the exterior sign re-furbish and then the back wall feature details. Now if only we could sell the big purple sofa to pay for it all!
See you at the store!

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