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DIY Dining

Sometimes all it takes is a little elbow grease, a little love, (and maybe some help from some qualified professionals), and a sad, tired piece of furniture can be as good as new. Take this vintage 1960's walnut dining set for instance.
The chairs are solid with a graceful upholstered back insert, despite the not so fabulous striped tweed fabric.
This would be an easy fix by our friends at Princess Perfect Upholstery.

The table is sturdy, and has a gorgeous grain, despite the water damage due to being stored on it’s side in a damp basement.

The damage has caused some swelling and some of the veneer to lift, but this can mostly be remedied with a stripping, sanding glueing, clamping and refinishing. This set is a diamond in the rough and is waiting for someone to love it enough to polish it up and give it a good home!

Dining set (As-Is) $250

UPDATE: Dining set has sold (to an adventurous young lady who's going to take on the refinishing herself!)

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