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Black and White world

Ethel loves old movies, especially film noir. Sometimes black and white can tell a story better than a riot of colour, even though a steady diet of grey tones can leave one a little cold. We love colour in the store but sometimes it's nice to bring a little of that black and white home.
We've had this vintage shelving unit in the basement at the store for a while, but only just have had the room to set it up on the shop floor. It was custom built in the 50's for the home of a toy shop owner by the same person who built the store fixtures for the toyshop. It's modular and has really nice brass door pulls, and we love the contrast of the black and white doors against the blondewood cabinet frames.

The unit sells for $1395.

Peeking out on one of the cabinet shelves is this framed 70's owl (are there any other kind?) in tones of grey, black and white.
This glamourous fellow would look perfect in a space filled with smoked glass coffee tables, lucite light fixtures and shag rugs.
Framed owl is $65

Check out this vintage 1940's black and white chalkware lamp with oversize whipstitched shade. It looks like it's from the set of a film noir, maybe on the end table in the living room of the femme fatale, waiting to be used as a murder weapon! It weighs a ton so it's heavy enough!
Chalkware lamp is $125

Speaking of lamps, we finally crossed a project off our store to-do list. With the help of HandyBro (my brother-in-law Paul), we were able to install this shelf to feature all of our lamps with no shades.
On their own they look sad and orphaned, but grouped like this, they look quite elegant, we think. Now all they need is someone to adopt them and find them some lampshades.

See you at the store!

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