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If this desk could talk...

Last night, after closing the store, we went to assemble this desk in it’s new home.

Well, not this exact desk, but one exactly like it. We originally posted about it back in March (see Atomic Desk post). This boomerang shaped Peter Lovig designed Danish teak desk had been in our personal collection for years. In fact, my husband, Dave LeBlanc, wrote many a column on modernist architecture and heritage preservation for the Globe and Mail at this very desk. Here it is, in his office at our old house.

Back in January, when we moved from our 60‘s suburban backsplit to our downtown condo, we had hoped it would work in the new office area, but it was just too big. So into the store it came, where it languished, unassembled and in pieces, in the basement until we had room for it on the store floor. Finally, a few weeks ago, we had room to set it up, so my patient husband assembled it, like he had done many times before, and once it was all set up, it didn’t take long to get lots of notice.

And on Tuesday of this week, it sold!. Once Dave had disassembled it for the last time, it was picked up by movers and delivered to it’s new home, and last night we went to assemble it, as Dave knows this desk inside and out, and he wanted to make sure it was done properly to ensure the customer was happy. It now sits in the reception area of Primevista Television, the production company behind award winning lifestyle and interior design programming such as Sarah’s House, Sarah 101, Design Inc and Room Service. Who knew Sarah Richardson liked Danish Modern?

So, like many of the heritage buildings my husband writes about, the same can be said for the furniture in my store. Every piece has a story.

UPDATE: Desk has sold!

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See you at the store!

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