327 Queen St. East, between Parliament and Berkley streets, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. 416.778.6608. email: info@ethel20thcenturyliving.com
Hours: Mondays by appointment, Tue - Thurs: 12pm - 6pm, Friday: 2pm - 7pm, Sat: 12 - 6, Sun: 12pm - 5pm


Ethel's fans!

We absolutely love it when we get compliments on the store. After all, what gal doesn't love a good compliment? We especially love it when we get customers who tell us they've posted about the store on their blog, or read something nice about us on another blog that prompted them to come down to Leslieville to check us out in person!
Today, we had a couple in, who are currently living in Toronto, but originally hail from Atlanta, Georgia. Great accents, and great taste too, as they left with a bagful of goodies! Before they left, the gal gave me her card and said she's posted about the store on her blog. So big shout out to Jamie R Kern and her adorable blog, that's now been added to our blogroll on the right.
Spread the positivity people and it will come back to you!
See you at the store!

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