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Bowling for drinks!

Whats the only sport you can play while having a cocktail? No, not darts... we’re talking about BOWLING!!! Which is why there’s so much vintage bowling themed drinkware out there.

Fun bowling facts:

  • 5 pin bowling was invented in Canada and is also known as “duck pin” bowling
  • we had our wedding reception at a bowling alley
  • The above fact does not in any way indicate that we are good bowlers

We do, however love to bowl and we love cocktails, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Check out this set of four “roly poly” bowling glasses. Perfect for a Big Lebowski White Russian!

Set of four roly polys in carrier for $24

UPDATE: roly poly set has sold!

This set of four Collins glasses would work for beer or highballs. It all depends on how well you’re bowling that night!

Set of four Collins glasses for $20

UPDATE: Collins glasses have sold!

If you prefer 5 pin, then there’s this pair of highball glasses for $6 each

This is not a real bowling ball, but a cocktail set holder. No shot glasses included as we think they were smashed in a fit of anger over a bad bowling score!

Yours for $15

If you need to sober up after too many beers during the game, how about this pair of stemmed pyrex 5 pin theme coffee mugs?

Mugs are $12 each, ashtray is $28

Check out these vintage bowling trophies. Switch out the nameplate and your friends will think you’re a pro!

Trophy prices vary

So even if you’re a terrible bowler, you can drink like one!

See you at the store!

1 comment:

  1. I love bowling stuff! I had a lot of it at one time, and bar stuff, til I got sober! (25 years ago)! Anyway, All your stuff is cool!