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Serve it in style

Hallowe'en is but a distant memory and that means one thing. Holiday entertaining is just around the corner. Why not make your Holiday party stand out and sparkle with a little help from Ethel!

Instead of serving salad in your soup bowls, how about this gorgeous vintage glass salad set?

Adorned with a gold and creme leaf pattern, this set is complete with the big salad bowl, 8 serving bowls and a matching set of gold fleck salad tongs. Priced at $65, this set will make even iceberg lettuce look glamorous!

If you have salad bowls already, but don't want to your guests to know you're using Kraft dressing, then how about this mint in box salad set?

Complete with oil & vinegar cruets, salt & pepper shakers, and matching salad tongs, this sweet 60's set is priced at $24, and will make even a storebought mixed salad look fantastic! It would also make a great hostess gift for the mod party planner in your life.
UPDATE: Salad set has sold!

If you like the look of lettuce but plan to serve finger foods, try this segmented server for size.

With four matching lettuce leaf dishes, matching salt & pepper shakers and center bowl for dip, this set is on a lazy susan spinner for your lazy guests! Even baby carrots and celery sticks look good when presented on a lazy susan! It's priced at $45.

If cheese and crackers are more your style, then you need this Georges Briard tile cheese board.
George Briard (born 1917, as Jascha Brojdo in the Ukraine - died July 30, 2005) was a noted, award winning designer in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He is most well known for his signature dishware and glassware - everything from cups and plates to gold plated serving dishes. Most famous for dishware and glassware, his signature collection was stocked at noted department stores, such as Neiman Marcus and Bonwit Teller. We love the gold and blue birds on this tile, and we think it would make even Ritz Crackers and cheddar cheese look classy. It's priced at $24.
UPDATE: George Briard cheese board has sold

If you do plan to serve chips 'n dip, then at least take the Doritos out of the bag and put them in this swingin' 70's chip bowl.

With a black and white diamond pattern, featuring the signs of the Zodiac, this set is perfect conversation starter. Hey baby, what's your sign? It's priced at $35.
UPDATE: Zodiac chip & dip bowl has sold...and we want to go to that party!

Your party is more of a "come on over and watch the game" party? Then serve your tv snacks on this snack set.

Each tray has a spot for your beverage and the faux tortoiseshell look is very very in right now! The set of four is priced at $18.
UPDATE: Snack trays have sold

If you're serving sushi but want to stay away from the typical chinatown cheapo dishes, then how about mixing it up with this set of divided melmac trays?

Your guests will reminisce about these from their highschool or prison cafeteria days. Again, another conversation starter! Two available, priced at $15 each.
UPDATE: One tray has sold and there's one left.

Hosting a tea party for the little princesses in your life? Well, those princesses can sometimes get out of hand, so keep the Royal Doulton safe and serve the Earl Grey in pop colour melmac tea cups instead.

Plenty of colours and styles available. Cream and sugar anyone?

So if you're stuck trying to make your holiday party sparkle, then just keep this in mind. Your guests don't care what you serve, as long as you serve it in style!
See you at the store!


  1. Do you ever run across Arrowhead's Brookstone melamine pattern? I got several pieces from my grandparents and am looking for more.

  2. Hi Stonemaven,
    I think the melmac square plates are Arrowhead. Not sure if they're pictured here but I'll check tomorrow.