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Holiday Wanderlust - the day after!

Last night's 5th annual Holiday Wanderlust was a raging success! Lots of families out enjoying the festive atmosphere and, of course, starting their holiday shopping. As mentioned, we were serving hot cider and homebaked cookies.

I made the gumdrop cookies from a recipe in our vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and my mother in law made the sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. All the cookies were gone by 9:30, along with the cider. The cider smell is still lingering in the store today. Yummy!

I admit, I ate a few cookies as I needed the energy to keep up with my customers! Here's a picture of me, hard at work writing up sales. Look how fast my hand is moving!

Before the night kicked off, I put the finishing touches on the Christmas windows. The theme in the big window is "I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas", and features the big gorgeous "throne" chair all reupholstered by Princess Perfect and looking quite glamorous.

(apologies for the blurry picture, hubby took it and it was cold out so his hands were shaking!)

The small window is a bit more classic. Lots of red and green glassware and a classic Eames aluminum group lounger.

We hoped that Ethel herself might make an appearance, but we didn't see her all evening. Perhaps she was checking out the other great shops in Leslieville, possibly even buying us our Christmas present! She was with us in spirit though.

See you at the store!

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