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I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas...

This year's holiday window theme is "I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas". White is just so done! We went with pink as we knew we were getting the throne chair in from Princess Perfect, and what a chair! It's perfect for the window, and we think Santa would approve.

You may remember this chair from a post back in May, about whether to upholster it or not. Well, we went the glamorous route and we think we made the right choice. This fabulous chair is priced at $2400 and would be perfect in a little girl's room, or as the centre piece in that fabulous swingin' sixties bachelorette pad!

We also have the traditional Ethel tree in the window.

This vintage aluminum tree features pink sputnik decorations this year. It's not for sale, because if we sold it, Ethel would have nowhere to put her presents on Christmas Eve!

We decided to get crafty this year and try out a pine cone project. With some leftover fuschia latex paint mixed with water and an empty peanut butter jar, we spent two hours dunking pinecones while watching America's Next Top Model (no judgements please, we know you're all fans too!) and yes, it was a bit messy. But when we were done, we had lots of pink pinecones to play with. Here's a wreath we put together to hang in the window.

We also put some of the pinecones around the store to add a little colour. Don't these three little ones look lovely with the Rosenthal vase?

Lest you all think that we've abandoned the traditional red and green of Christmas altogether, we have lots of red and green glass goblets and when they're grouped together it looks quite festive, especially with the addition of red and green Christmas balls (vintage, of course!)

So if you're in need of a little holiday inspiration, just Think Pink!
See you at the store!


  1. that chair is great! and i'm not even a bachelorette.

  2. Do you know of anywhere to get an Aluminum Xmas tree around Toronto?