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House for sale

It's Labour Day weekend and it's raining, which adds to our melancholy mood.
Don't worry, everything is peachy keen at the store. Ethel is fabulous and we wouldn't have it any other way.
The reason we're melancholy is we're witnessing the end of an era. Yes, my husband and I have decided to sell our beloved Atomic Playhouse in the suburbs and move back downtown. We love our split level mid century house, but we are both downtowners at heart and are moving back into the heart of the city. So if you know anyone who is looking for a fabulous early 60's architect designed house with a great backyard and a basement tiki bar, drop by the store and we'll talk. Or you can talk to our realtor, as our house will be listed in a week or two.
If you want to read more about our house, check out the column my husband wrote about our house in this week's Globe and Mail.
(not sure how to post hyperlinks, but you can cut and paste.) Or you can check out our houseblog which is on the blogroll on the left (Adventures in the Atomic Playhouse).
Its the end of an era, but there's more adventures around the corner. Just ask Ethel!
See you at the store!


  1. Didn't know you lived up in Scarb.
    I grew up in Agincourt and still work out there.
    Also been looking to buy in the Ben Jungle area (a couple blocks west of you). Lots of nice 1950's open concept Side Splits.

    I have the opposite problem, I grew up in and now miss Suburbia..

  2. Hi Martin,
    If you're not committed to the Ben Jungle, you should check out Midland Park (our neighborhood). It's just east of Midland, between Lawrence and Ellesmere, and is very similar to the Ben jungle. The entire neighborhood is architect designed (Ted Ross for Curran Hall) and the layouts are very open concept. Check out our houseblog (http://atomicplayhouse.blogspot.com/) for more pics, and our neighborhood resident's association. http://www.midlandparkcommunity.com/Welcome.html
    When our house is listed I'll post the listing.

  3. I work right around the corner, at the CTV building, and will do a little quick driving tour through Midland park on my way home tonight.

    There are a few little enclaves of 50's bung/splits that i've accidentally (like Ben Jungle) driven through on my little house hunting tours.

    I've been scanning through both those 2 sites since I posted

  4. Very nice neighborhood, a lot like Ben Jungle though with more tree's which I prefer. There is one model of house in the Jungle I have my eye on though.. Ill link a pic of it


  5. Ah yes, I have seen that model.
    While the houses in Midland Park don't have that kind of front elevation, the interiors owe a lot to the ingenuity of Ted Ross, for his ability to "borrow" space and make average rooms seem bigger, with the cathedral ceilings, windows into other rooms and half walls. My sister, who lives in a "monster" home in Burlington, always comments on how big our house feels when she's visiting, even though it is half the size of her house. That's because there is no waste of space.
    Anyway, I'll quit trying to sell you on the neighborhood. Once our house is listed, I'll post a blog about it and you can come see the inside for yourself!