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Ethel's menagerie

As many of you know, we have a store kitty named Edyth. Well, Edyth is moving next week to a bigger and better home when Sustainable.to, the architecture firm who rents the back of the store moves to their bigger and better office. You see, Edyth was just "on loan" to Ethel, and while we know our customers will miss her, there are a lot of animals in the store to keep you company.

How about this ceramic poodle planter?

Priced at $22, this perky pooch will look fabulous on your kitchen windowsill or boudoir nightstand.

If you're not a dog lover, how about a feathered friend?

This pair of vintage ceramic owls are $15 each and would look great in your 70's era space.
UPDATE: Both owls have sold

If owls aren't your thing, how about this pair of resin roosters?

Perfect for your kitchen, they are priced at $15 for the pair. Cheep cheep cheep!
UPDATE: Roosters have sold

If you prefer more exotic species to keep you company, lets take a trip to the Ethel jungle to visit this sleek black vintage ceramic panther planter.

This baby is the height of kitsch and is priced at $24.

While we're still in the jungle, lets visit our friends the lucite rhino and elephant.

This mod pair are 1970's Team Guzzini Italian Lucite Animal Sculptures, and they catch the light so beautifully. They would look fantastic on a coffee table or in a stylish nursery. Elephant is $45 and rhino is $35.
UPDATE: Elephant and Rhino have sold!

These two would also be perfect for a nursery.

From Areaware, the kangaroo and zebra pillows are $65 each or $100 for the pair. Come soon though, these are quickly becoming extinct in the Ethel animal kingdom and are the only two left!

If you prefer the ocean, then check out this kitschy set of dolphins.

This family of three can frolick their day away hanging on your bathroom wall, and are priced at $20 for the set.

How about this mermaid lamp?

While strictly not a real "animal" this bathing beauty is vintage deco and would dress up your makeup table for $65

Anyway, come by and visit Ethel's menagerie and you may just want to take one of these lovable creatures home. Remember, Edyth is cute and all, but these animals don't shed, or need to be fed, and no vet bill to worry about. Perfect housepets!
See you at the store!


  1. I love Edyth - my Dizzy kitty would be the perfect beau for her!

  2. we know that those owls would look right at home with a certain don mills resident.

  3. i LOOVE the Guzzini Lucite animal sculptures! should you ever come across more, please do contact me ... thanks in advance :-)