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The Autumn Leaves are falling....

It's three days after the fall equinox which means summer is officially over, and while it's balmy and sunny out there today, we know that the cool crisp days of brisk winds, falling leaves and hot chocolate are just around the corner. In fact, we're looking forward to fall weather as Ethel has promised us we can shop for a fabulous pair of new boots this year!

Anyway, in anticipation of the colours turning, we decided we'd showcase some fall colours in the window.

Doesn't this scene make you want to fix yourself a hot toddy, curl up with a good book, or better yet, catch all the new fall premieres on tv? The pair of lounge chairs are $575 each, or $1000 for the pair, the teak end tables are $175 each, and the slat coffee table/bench with the new orange cushion is $495.
UPDATE: Chairs, teak end table & slat coffee table have sold!

Here's a close up of one of the vintage ashtrays.

We love this very retro Canadian leaf pattern and think it looks great on the teak table. It's priced at $12 and you don't have to smoke to love ashtrays!

If you're not a smoker, and you don't watch TV, you probably like playing boardgames. Why not play a vintage one?

Ranging in price from $12 to $20, these are perfect for whiling away a chilly Sunday afternoon.

We love this large Bertoia Diamond chair and think it'd be a perfect spot to curl up and read a book (or, again, to watch all that juicy fall TV). The lovely grey upholstery makes this chair so comfortable that whenever we sit in it, we're in danger of having a nap, so we want someone else to enjoy it. We've reduced the price on this Knoll original from $1800 to $1400

So drop by the store and check out the fall colours. And if you have any suggestions on where to get a fabulous pair of boots, let Ethel know!
See you at the store!


  1. Ive been on the hunt for a couple Heath Ceramic's Ashtrays.. Wondering if you have any or if they come through ever..

  2. I do see a lot of ashtrays, but not sure about Heath Ceramic's ashtrays. Send me some pics and I'll keep my eye out.
    Another open house at the Atomic Playhouse this Saturday, from 3 to 5

  3. They come in several sized and colours..

    Here's a link to one.


    I actually had my agent take me by the house last night. Looked amazing, definitely beginning to consider Midland park over Ben Jungle.

  4. i would love to sit in my bertoia chair, but my cat has claimed it as his own.