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Teak shelves a go go

Sometimes when we get certain pieces in, it's hard to part with them. Case in point, this wall mounted shelving system.
Similar to a Cado system, this one features three mounting rails, two regular shelves, one desk shelf, one angled magazine shelf (seen below on the floor), a swing lamp with pull switch, the flip down bar (lower right side) and the glass door unit (upper right). It's teak veneer and we think it could be Canadian made, but the glass shelf has a label stamped "Belgium" so we can't be sure.
When we first got it in, it was in pieces around the store, and even though the pricetag included a photo of a similar system mounted to the wall, it was hard for customers to understand how it all worked. So we had our contractor install it in the store, and once it was up, we decided we liked it too much and it was working really well for merchandising so we took the pricetag off. Of course, this meant that everyone now wanted to buy it and we kept telling them we'd be selling it once we reconfigured the store (It's on the wall we want to use for the cards and paper from Whigby, once the cash desk is moved). So to make a long story short, we've put it back on the sales floor, so to speak, for $850. So all of you out there that have been lusting after it, it's now yours for the taking.

We've also decided to reduce the price on this set of three chairs.

As you can probably guess, it's hard to get multiples with vintage seating and while we know we could sell four of these chairs as a set in a heartbeat, it's a different story when there's only three. So they're now 50% off, down from $150 each to $75 each, or all three for $200. They have the original white vinyl upholstery and black painted frames, with a swivel back for comfort. Don't think of them as dining chairs, think of them as side chairs!
See you at the store!

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