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Storage solutions

If we asked our customers the one thing they need more of in their homes, the answer is usually storage. Most older Toronto homes (anything built before 1930) were built without closets, which probably explains why everyone is looking for coat racks, teak dressers and wardrobes! Well, we do have three teak dressers in right now, but even better are these sets of highschool lockers.

We have two sets of three, one set in orange and one in turquoise, and each set is $350. The turquoise lockers have shelves and the orange ones have coathooks.
UPDATE: Both sets of lockers have sold

We also have a set of four rows of open locker shelving, and while it requires some assembly (there is a centre panel which connects the two banks of two), it would make great bookshelves, or for all your highschool trophies! This set is $300.

We also got in this gorgeous early 60's dining set, complete with two extra leaves for the table, original upholstery on the chairs and great space age atomic detailing on the buffet & hutch pulls. The dining table & four chairs are priced at $1195 and the buffet & hutch is priced at $995.
UPDATE: The dining table and chairs have sold, but the buffet & hutch are still available

So if you want to relive your highschool days without the bad hair and acne, come by the store and check out the lockers. We won't tell anyone if you want to put cheesy posters of Zac Efron or Meghan Fox on the doors!
See you at the store!

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