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Life is too short for Beige!

Along with colour, Ethel loves pattern. Life is too short for beige, she always says! So when we were deciding what to do with this Corbusier lounge and this refinished teak two seater, we decided to take her advice and have some fun. Also, we like to give Lisa Jo at Princess Perfect interesting project to work on!

Customers have been asking why we didn't just get another ponyskin cushion made for the lounger, as the original was falling apart and the foam had disintegrated, but we decided to something different. We went with a strong black and white graphic pattern, to reference the deco origins of the design, and to keep it neutral. We think it looks fantastic and at $1250 it's a great way to introduce a bit of modern into your space.

We were inspired by the bright bold patterns of Marimekko and Orla Kiely and the luxury of India HIcks when we chose the fabric for the teak two seater.

Perfect for a single gal's studio apartment for for your Palm Beach inspired sunroom, this beauty is priced at $1295, and would add some colour in your life. We even did a reversible seat cushion, with orange on one side and blue on the other, so you can change it up.

Stay tuned for more colour and fun as the summer progresses. Remember, life is too short for boring!
See you at the store!

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