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Sandwich Time!

Our new sandwich board arrived today! Ralston did another bang up job and with the application of the vinyl letters and logo (by Todd Temporale from Viva & Co), it looks fantastic. See how it totally coordinates with our sign?
We'll be using it to advertise sale stuff, fun stuff, Ethel's thoughts and most importantly to let our customers know when we're open (we couldn't think of anything clever to write on it this morning!)
This week as been one of things coming and going. The teak secretary went out on prop rental for two weeks, so we have to remember to allow room for it when it gets back. We also got in a lovely vintage Barcelona chair by Mies Van der Rohe, in black leather.

This one is prices at $895 and is in exceptional condition. Perfect for spanish royalty!

In keeping with 20th Century classics, we also got in another Corbusier lounger. The ponyskin hide was completely dried out and cracking on it, so we opted to have a whole new cushion made by Princess Perfect. The cushion will be in this really cool black and white geometric pattern, to reference the deco period of the lounger. Right now the frame is naked on the floor, waiting for it's new cushion.

We also got in this three panel folding screen in solid white oak. The inserts are removable so you can customize it to suit your space. Perfect as a room divider or a dressing screen, it's priced at $495 and would look lovely in a modern space.

Come by the store and check it out, and give us some ideas for our new sandwich board!
See you at the store!


  1. Who's the manufacturer of the Barcelona lounger?

  2. Not sure but the gentleman I bought it from, had purchased it from another vintage store (Queen West Antiques, very reputable) years ago, so I know it's not a recent cheapo knockoff. I'll inspect it closer when I'm at the store tomorrow.