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Fish and Fowl

The new teak dining set arrived this morning and it's as lovely as we hoped! The pedestal table has two leaves stored underneath, and six chairs in the original orange wool upholstery. Remember, orange was Frank Sinatra's favourite colour!
The table and six chairs are priced at $1350.

The secretary came in too, and while it's in remarkable shape, there is an issue with the veneer on the face edge of two of the shelves. We're going to try to repair this so you don't have to, but as is, it's priced at $795. It features drawers and shelves underneath, with a pull out desk surface, small drawers above and cubbyholes for envelopes and desk storage. Perfect for a small space.
UPDATE: Secretary has sold
UPDATE: Secretary has not sold, but is being rented for two weeks

If you're not in the market for teak, maybe you just need a little tabletop colour.
These two teapots (or is one a coffee pot, I can never tell!) are priced at $25 each. One is from Midwinter in England, and one is from Japan. Can you guess which is which?
UPDATE: Teapot on the left has sold

This charming Murano glass rooster would look perfect with your collection of art glass, or even on his own, standing guard over a vintage ashtray like he is here. He's $25 and is quite the little charmer.

If you prefer fish over fowl, here's a set of five cocktail highball glasses with an abstract fish pattern in gold and white. the set of five is $24 and would be perfect for those summertime cocktails.

Drop by the store and see what else we have!
See you at the store!


  1. The one on the right is from England?

  2. The one with the yellow lid and brown and yellow band around the base is from Japan, and the one with the blue flower and green leaf pattern is the Spanish Garden pattern from Midwinter, made in England. And it sold on Saturday!

  3. Doh... I was wrong.
    It looks a lot like these plates/dishes my folks have from england.