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Return of the Black Sheep

Ethel loves doing prop rentals. It's so thrilling to see some bit of mid-century in a Hollywood blockbuster (or a Wonderbread commercial), and know it came from our little store here in Leslieville. The downside is, when the piece is out on rental, we tend to forget it's coming back, and by the time the rental truck pulls up in front of the store to unload the return, we've completely remerchandised the store and have forgotten to make room for the returning furniture. Case in point, the black teak framed sofa that was just dropped off.

You may remember this sofa from our big Danish Invasion back in February. It's a great big beast of a thing, almost 8 feet long and a solid teak frame. The black vinyl has seen better days, but is still serviceable (and repairable, according to Lisa Jo at Princess Perfect), and with a solid teak frame, it's a solid investment. Anyway, to make a long story short, we're marking down this bad boy, from $850 to $695, so we can make room for something new.
Come by the store and check it out, and maybe our black sheep will be your new best friend
See you at the store!
UPDATE: Black sofa has sold...I guess the blog really DOES work!

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