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Things are always changing here at Ethel. Customers will come in asking if we have a certain piece, and if not, when we might be getting one in. Our answer is usually something along the lines of "you never know with vintage", as you really never do know. We could be looking for a dining set for weeks, or have a dry spell on coffee tables and all of a sudden, we get three of each in. We're always looking for new and exciting furniture to bring in and hopefully, it will be what our customers are looking for. This week we have the motherlode. If all goes well, by Friday morning, the store will have many new (meaning vintage, but new to Ethel) Danish teak pieces in, including a dining table with two leaves and six chairs, a sofa with black vinyl upholstery, a credenza, a low bookshelf with smoked glass shelves, square and round end tables, coffee tables and a few teak lamps. All of this has come from one house, who's owner was a Danish teak importer in the 60's & 70's and who owned a chain of teak stores in Toronto. Every piece is in mint or near mint condition and has all been lovingly cared for. We can't wait to get it all in and share it with our customers. As soon as it is in the store and we have it all organized, we'll post some pictures, but for now, we're just trying to figure out where it will all go! If you're around on Thursday, drop by to get the first peek and first pick of everything!
See you at the store!
p.s. can you guess what flag this is?

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