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The Danish Invasion

If you read our last post, you'll know that we were getting a whole houseful of vintage teak. It arrived Thursday and it is all even better than we remembered it!
This furniture all came from one house, was imported from Denmark by the homeowners, and is all in mint condition.

This lovely oval dining table and six chairs comes with two leaves that extend the table to over 8' long, and would be perfect for those big dinner parties. Danish teak dining chairs are some of the most comfortable ones we've ever sat in, so that dinner party will last for hours, unless you kick your guests out! The set is priced at $1795 and is a steal at that.
UPDATE: dining table and chairs have sold

This sideboard has those great TV screen shaped doors, and is priced at $1200. In fact, if you don't want to use it to store dinnerware, you can use it to put your flatscreen on!
UPDATE: sideboard has sold

There are four of these barstools available, and are priced at $250 each. Saddle up to the bar and have a drink!
UPDATE: all four barstools have sold

These teak cubes would be perfect in your seventies style bachelor pad. There's two available and they're priced at $125 each.

This monster of a sofa is almost eight feet long and has a solid teak frame. The cushions need some work, but is in otherwise great condition. It's priced at $850.

This solid as heck coffee table and end table have a great coordinating tile inlay and are priced at $595 and $350 respectively. While they are not as dainty as some teak coffee tables, these bad boys make a statement and won't wobble if you put your feet up while watching that 007 movie marathon.

This glass topped teak base coffee table is priced at $450. The base is reminiscent of Vladimer Kagan and the smoked glass top is very chic.

This bookshelf has a smoked glass top shelf, and would look great with the smoked glass coffee table. Perfect as a bookshelf, hall table or sofa table, it's priced at $495.
UPDATE: bookshelf has sold
You don't normally see this much teak from one house, and there's even more than this, including a few more coffee tables, end tables and lamps, so come over to Ethel's and we'll have a teak party!
See you at the store!

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