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Mod Love for Valentine's day

We here at Ethel LOVE Valentine's day. Afterall, Ethel herself is a single gal, and loves to celebrate February 14th with some bon bons, a glass of red wine and her favourite classic romantic comedies. The Thin Man movies with Nick and Nora are her favourite, but she has a soft spot for anything with Clark Gable and Carol Lombard.
Since Valentine's day is on Sunday, we had our Mod Love window all set up, but the last minute arrival of this gorgeous daybed changed our plans.

This daybed has been completely reupholstered by Lisa Jo at Princess Perfect www.princessperfect.ca and has a removable back to make a simple single bed for your overnight guests. Priced at $995 it would complete your single gal bachelor pad. Very Mary Tyler Moore!
UPDATE: daybed has sold
If you don't need an extra bed, then try one of the new cheeky Valentine's day cards from Whigby.

Ethel has a few in stock and they're guaranteed to make you and your loved one laugh...all the way to the bedroom!

If you're into games, we have a few vintage boardgames in stock that are perfect for V-day. The Newlywed Game, The Dating Game and Love is a Winner (a romantic version of Twister) are all available for you to take home and share with your partner.
Remember, its not about the chocolate, flowers and candy, it's about love.
See you at the store!

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