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Making room for Christmas!

You may be wondering about the lack of blog posts lately. Well, we have a good excuse. We're getting ready to launch our new website, which will include a new blog link (this blog will be archived). Don't worry, we will be posting information so everyone can follow us to the new blog. We don't want to lose our Ethel fans!
Also, we're getting ready for the Christmas season here at the store, which means we are putting some things on sale to make room for all the Christmas goodies.

We've had this walnut double bed frame in for too long. It's a nice solid frame, with headboard & footboard, along with the rails to hold the boxspring.
It was priced at $150 but it can be yours for $50
We'll even throw in the 8'X10' Flokati rug for an extra $20!

We love this vintage handcarved & hand painted riding elephant but since we're not running away to the circus anytime soon, we think its time for it to find a home. Wouldn't it look great under your Christmas tree for your little one? So much more fun than a boring old riding horse!
Originally priced at $350, it's now priced at $250

And while you're at it, you can pick up a copy of Ganesha's Sweet Tooth!
Ganesha's Sweet Tooth is $19.99

If you're having a lot of company coming for the holidays, you'll need more dining chairs.

This set of 4 vintage teak dining chairs was originally priced at $395, but they're on sale for $250
They even have new vinyl upholstery so no worries about sloppy dinner guests! 

Ethel really loves this pair of vintage pink & grey ceramic & brass lamps. We even had new shades made for them using matching vintage pink fiberglass with black swirls. Aren't they pretty? 
We especially love the brass ball frames and the gold flecks in the ceramic balls.
Originally priced at $300 for the pair, they're now $200 for the pair.

Speaking of pairs, we have this pair of classic 50's walnut end tables with a magazine shelf below. These would work in your living room or even as bedside tables.
Originally priced at $150 each or $250 for the pair, they're now priced at $95 each or $150 for the pair.

This kitschy vinyl chair is a vintage chrome frame with all new black & white vinyl upholstery. A perfect side chair for a groovy pad, dontcha think?
Originally priced at $495, it's now $350 

So swing by for some pre-Christmas deals and stay tuned for the website (and new blog) launch.
See you at the store!

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  1. I can't wait to visit the store! New arrivals and Holiday cards need to make a plan to come and soon! Love the lamps great price..they won't last long in the store with that amazing deal!