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Goodbye Leslieville...hello Corktown!

It's less than a week till we say goodbye to Leslieville and hello to Corktown. We've been busy starting the renovations at our new space, so we can have a bigger and better store, plus we've been busy with our polka-dot sale trying to get as much inventory sold before the big move. There's still some good stuff left too, including the tiki bar, glassware, tableware, barware, art, vintage linens, vintage games, vintage lighting, etc...

We've also been cleaning out the basement and uncovering some "projects" that we don't want to take to the new store.
First is this set of 9 old merchandising shelves.
Originally purchased at the legendary King Sol Surplus Store at Queen & Bathurst, these shelves are a powdercoated minty industrial green with brass rails, and were originally designed to hang on an angle to showcase product.
The shelves are priced at $5 each, or $40 for the set.

We also have four of these black shelving units.
$20 a unit or $60 for all four

How about this silver painted storage cabinet? It used to be our back counter and is solid as heck. Three drawers and a big shelf means tons of storage for you!
$30 and its yours, if you can get it up the stairs and out the door.

If you need glass for a project, or a d.i.y. coffee table, then come take one of these panes off our hands.
Glass is $5 a sheet. You carry it out.

We have two of these oscilloscope thingies. Not sure if they work, but they look all NASA and space age and are pretty cool. Live out your scifi daydreams!

Oscilloscopes are $30 each.

Even though it's April, it's cold out there! How about a fake fireplace? We two sets of these fake logs ready to be plugged in. Give your bachelor pad some rustic atmosphere!
Fake log sets are $10 each.

We found a whole box of these casters. Got a d.i.y furniture project that needs some wheels?
Castors are 4 for a buck.

We have no idea if any of these phones work, but they look cool! You could pretend you're Commissioner Gordon and use the red one as the batphone!
Vintage phones are $20 as-is.

Did you see the Academy award winning movie The Artist? Remember that scene with the burning film cans? You could recreate that scene with these (minus the fire part!) Each filled with old film roll. Not sure what's on 'em.
Film cans with vintage movie rolls, $15 each.

If you have slatwall in your store and need some card shelves, we have a whole bunch we're not using.
Plastic slatwall shelves and brackets are $1 each, 6 for $5.

If you are d.i.y upholsterer, or just want to try making your own pillows, we have a few partial bolts of upholstery fabric. Not sure how much is on each bolt, but enough to get creative!
Fabric bolts are $30 each.

So come by the store and help us get the basement cleaned out. Remember, everything has to be gone by Sunday April 29th as we move to our new digs at 327 Queen St. East on Monday April 30th.
See you at the store!

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