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Connect the dots!

You may be thinking that Ethel has gone dotty, but she loves polka dots... especially when they mean a big sale! For the rest of this month, (untll we move into our new space), we’re having a big polka dot moving sale. Almost everything in the store will have a coloured dot on it and each colour means a different discount.

Green means 25% off.

Yellow means 40% off

Red means 50% off

Blue means 75% off

We’re also marking down our vintage boardgames and puzzles so stock up for the cottage!

Where are we moving, you ask? We’re moving to Corktown, near Queen St. East and Parliament, just a few storefronts away from Marty Millionaire. We’re hoping to be set up in our new space by mid May, but we’ll let you all know the exact date once we’re ready, and we'll post progress pictures of the renovations so you can get a first hand look at Ethel's makeover. We hope all of our Ethel fans will come visit us in the new store.

So come by the store for some polka dot fun and join us on the next step in Ethel’s adventures!

See you at the store!

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