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Dated 80's becomes Beautiful Blue!

As most of you may know, we are not only a vintage furniture store, we are also interior designers, and one of our most favourite things to do is to help our design clients reinvent their furniture.

Take this pair of petite arm chairs.
They were languishing in a guest room, and our client wasn't sure if she wanted to replace them or re-do them. Don't let the dated 80's upholstery fool you! These beauties are British and have solid frames so we convinced our client it was well worth it to reupholster them.

We chose a lovely blue linen and coordinating crewelwork fabric for pillows, and we had new turned legs spray lacquered to match other furniture in the room. The new legs replace the old castors, giving the chairs a bit more height so they're more comfortable. We also opted to not do a skirt, so the chairs look more contemporary (and so you can see the lovely legs!) We replaced the existing ottoman with a new custom ottoman with coordinating legs to match, so her guests would have somewhere to put their feet up.
Don't they look darling?

The client loves her new/old chairs and is so happy she invested in their refurbishment. We think Princess Perfect (http://www.princessperfect.ca/) did an amazing job and so does our client.

Drop by the shop to ask us if YOUR furniture is worth re-doing.
See you at the store!

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