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Ethel needs a new home....

For the past few weeks, we’ve been holding off on buying any new inventory for the shop. Our customers keep asking “when are you getting new stuff in” and we’ve been telling them that we do this every January, to help clear out old energy and to encourage new.

This year it’s different. Ethel is looking for a new home and we’re not buying any new inventory as we don’t want to have to move it.

We love Leslieville and would love to stay here, in our cozy space at 1091 Queen St. East, where the store has been located for the past 14+ years. However, our new landlord has other plans for the building so we find ourselves surfing MLS for retail space for lease, and we have our friends, family and trusty real estate agent Nancy Wilson of Remax, http://www.nancywilsonteam.com/, helping us search for Ethel's possible new home.

We’re hoping to stay in the east end, as this is where our customers know to find us, but we could be looking at setting up shop in a totally new neighborhood. We keep hearing interesting things about St. Clair West, and even Gerrard and Jones has it's potential. We'll keep you all posted and make sure everyone knows where we're headed.

Ethel's motto is “Life is too short for Beige”, which means we’re open to possibilities and new adventures. Wish us luck on this next step on our journey. (and if you know of any great retail space in a busy neighborhood, let us know!)

See you at the store (wherever that may be!)

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  1. The junction or bloordale would be awesome for you guys!