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More Meow!!!

After our feline post a few days ago, we ended up with more kitties in the store!

For those of you not familiar with Witco, it’s a company that manufactured wood decor, generally made out of red cedar with dark walnut stain, back in the 50’s & 60’s. Specializing in carved furniture and wall art, this company was best known for it’s polynesian and jungle style furniture and accessories. In fact, the Jungle Room in Elvis’s Graceland is entirely furnished with Witco. One of the most popular and sought after wall art pieces from Witco, is the world map, with the continents being carved out of wood, mounted onto a painted blue background. They also did viking ships, tiki masks and quite a few variations on the feline form.

This trio of kitties is priced at $225 and is stamped Witco on the back

We also got in yet ANOTHER panther lamp. Well, this would could be a cougar, or maybe a mountain lion... we’re not experts in big cats of North America. All we know is it’s as kitschy as all get out, and we hope it gets along with the other three big cat lamps in here!

Cougar lamp is $65

So, if you love kitties as much as Ethel, come by and say “hi” (or meow....)

See you at the store!

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